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Recent Work

Case Study 1: Rosa’s Soho Restaurant

Coolstream Ventilation carried out a tasty ventilation project at modern Thai food restaurant, Rosa’s, in Soho in the heart of London’s West End.

The company supplied and installed an extraction system over the Chinese and English cookers in the kitchen in the basement of the restaurant. This included two stainless steel extraction canopies complete with stainless steel baffle type filters linked to ductwork.

A Medem gas interlock system was wired to the fresh air fan and extract fan to ensure that if there was a fan failure the gas valve would shut off.

The very low ceilings in the kitchen made the installation challenging and the ductwork had to be designed as small as possible so as not to protrude too far below the ceiling and restrict space further. The ductwork was routed from the basement to ground floor level where it rose at least four storeys in an external light-well to terminate at the top of the building. The fresh air supply had to follow the same route within the restaurant area.

One of the main considerations for the project was the noise level that Westminster Council required for the plant. This was specified at 10dB(A) below the minimum existing background noise level, so it wasn’t audible in operation. Coolstream Ventilation achieved this with an acoustically lined enclosure that had an access door installed around the extract fan. Silencers were incorporated within the system.

The location of the plant was very important. There was very little room in the external light-well to accommodate equipment and access was gained through another premises. Scaffolding had to be erected in the narrow light-well to install the ductwork as it ascended onto the roof.

As part of the project, Coolstream Ventilation also supplied and installed toilet extract and fresh air input in the basement at the rear of the restaurant and serviced the existing air conditioning units on the ground floor and basement levels.

The company carried out all builders work and electrical wiring to all systems.


  I was really impressed ...
... with the professionalism of the Coolstream Ventilation team.
They did a great job on our restaurant and on the rare ocassions we ran in to unexpected problems they worked hard to find solutions. I would recommend them to any company looking for a well managed contractor who understand the importance of meeting deadlines.

Alex Moore, Proprietor of Rosa’s Soho restaurant. Soho Investments Ltd