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Whilst many companies claim to have strong project management skills, Coolstream Ventilation actually does. Indeed our expertise in managing small to large contracts from start to finish ...



Coolstream Ventilation employs highly skilled engineers to ensure air-conditioning and ventilation equipment is maintained to the highest possible standards. Our preventative maintenance ...



Coolstream Ventilation has extensive experience working in numerous market sectors, including the commercial, leisure, industrial, public sector, education and retail markets ...


Welcome to Coolstream

Today's buildings are well insulated and tightly sealed and, consequently, less well ventilated. The need to replace stuffy, stale air with fresh, tempered air has become essential to the health and wellbeing of occupants.

Coolstream Ventilation installs systems to help reduce the oppressive atmosphere created by hot, stuffy working conditions. The introduction of fresh air and the subsequent removal of energy and airborne contaminants created by equipment, machinery or manufacturing processes, can greatly contribute towards a more productive workforce and is an essential part of providing a comfortable working environment.

  I was really impressed ...
... with the professionalism of the Coolstream Ventilation team.
They did a great job on our restaurant and on the rare ocassions we ran in to unexpected problems they worked hard to find solutions. I would recommend them to any company looking for a well managed contractor who understand the importance of meeting deadlines.

Alex Moore, Proprietor of Rosa’s Soho restaurant. Soho Investments Ltd