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Kitchen Ventilation

In order to provide a safe and comfortable working environment, commercial kitchen extract systems need to address a number of key areas. For the comfort of those working in the kitchen, ventilation needs to be provided to ensure sufficient, clean, cool air. Furthermore, the supply of air must be sufficient for complete combustion of gas burning equipment. The gasses then generated by the combustion process need to be effectively removed from the working environment and expelled to a safe exterior location. The removal of these gasses should take place as close to the generating source as possible. Any system should be effectively kept clean from grease and fat residues to prevent any possible fire hazard or reduce the effectiveness of the system.

Coolstream Ventilation’s services include:
• Kitchen extract design and installation
• Kitchen extract canopies
• Kitchen extract filtration systems
• Kitchen extract ductwork

Systematic Approach
Coolstream Ventilation offers a straightforward and professional introductory process. We meet the client or architect to discuss the requirements and site visit the premises, followed by the provision of proposed scheme drawings, including full filtration systems that are required and odour control. We attend design meetings and liaise with the architect, structural engineers, other services, developer, environmental health officer etc. Ultimately we provide a quotation for the installation.

Kitchen Ventilation Features
• Internal environment is improved
• External odours are prevented through filtration
• Input ventilation provides respite from radiant energy
• Make up air system to balance the extract
• Health risks are reduced
• Fire risks are reduced
• Internal extract canopies to suit any kitchen layout

Gas Supply Regulations (BS 6173)
All new and some existing installations where modifications or new equipment is being installed must have a gas interlocking system to comply with BS6173.
The installation of an interlock system will prevent the gas from being turned on until the ventilation system is fully operational. An interlock system uses an air pressure sensor or current monitoring to detect when the canopy is operational and working with sufficient air flow to comply with the regulations. When these conditions are met the system will allow a normally closed gas solenoid valve on the incoming gas supply to open. While the air flow continues to meet the requirements, gas equipment can be used normally, but if the airflow falls below the required level or the ventilation is switched off the gas flow will be automatically switched off.

Coolstream Ventilation supplies and installs commercial gas kitchen systems that fully comply with BS6173, with all gas components and catering equipment approved by a commercially registered Gas Safe Register (previously Corgi) installation engineer.

Kitchen Extract Ductwork
Coolstream Ventilation installs kitchen extract ductwork systems to suit all clients requirements. Ductwork systems can be manufactured from mild steel and fully welded with angle iron flanges or galvanised with mezz flanges. All our ductwork is manufactured to the HVCA recommended specification DW 172.
We also provide suitable access doors for system cleaning and fire rated ducting if required.

Stainless Steel Wall Cladding
Stainless steel wall cladding is ideal for areas which are directly subject to high temperatures, for example behind cooking ranges and under extract canopies. Also very easy to clean and fully EHO compliant, stainless steel sheeting can be tailored to suit most cooking areas.
Coolstream Ventilation can supply and install stainless steel cladding beneath kitchen extraction canopies, or anywhere else where it might be required.



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