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Service & Maintenance

Coolstream Ventilation employs highly skilled engineers to ensure air-conditioning and ventilation equipment is maintained to the highest possible standards. Our preventative maintenance programmes are tailored closely to the requirements of our clients in terms of environment, type of equipment and budgets. Coolstream Ventilation operates in all market sectors and maintains every type of air conditioning system, including cassettes, chillers, air handling units and close control systems.

Working with the main suppliers within the industry, we ensure spares are sourced in a timely manner and at competitive prices.

Coolstream Ventilation engineers are qualified to current industry standards to ensure air conditioning plant is professionally monitored and maintained and our clients are complying with the EU F-Gas Regulation.

Under the F-Gas Regulation, users have the legal liability to ensure that refrigerant does not leak and is recovered properly during servicing and replacement of systems in order to limit refrigerant emissions.

Coolstream Ventilation implements all measures in accordance with the best available techniques, to reduce the relative loss of refrigerant below a maximum of 5%. Used refrigerant, which is not intended for re-use, is dealt with as waste for safe disposal.

As a contractor we realise that fixing leaks is just treating symptoms. We provide a complete expert service for our customers, advising them on future refrigerant strategies and carrying out a full system analysis to ensure their systems can maintain performance levels. This analysis protects customers against equipment breakdowns, regulatory penalties and rising energy costs.
Leak detection starts at the time of the installation. Our good practice from day one means that all installations are properly tested in accordance with BS EN378. Pressure testing ensures that we install a leak tight system.

Where systems are beyond economical repair or customers are looking to replace equipment using R22 refrigerant, we provide installations at extremely competitive rates and with the minimum of disruption.